Addiction recovery coach training Review

Product: IAPRC (international association of professional recovery coaches

Price: $997.00 (with an option for 2 payments)

Where to get it: IAPRC

Full Money Back Guarantee: 5 days from date of purchase

My Rating:9.8 out of 10

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Recovery from addiction for yourself or for a loved can be overwhelming and expensive. The CPC Program is Great in helping train and provide the required skills to help an addicted family member opt to seek help while:

  • Save Time and Energy gathering books/ resources needed to create effective integrated materials to support people
  • Use a Proven Flexible System
 designed to help people experience and apply the most useful knowledge and skills in their next steps toward personal transformation.

It’s an Investment, But the Cost is well worth it.

It’s Not Just Recovery, Discover why ALL Coaching is LIFE COACHING.




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  1. Hi, I think it’s very useful to get a training as a professional recovery coach as there are so many addicted people who have difficulties in their life and cause a lot of challenges for family members. The most difficult might be when you – as a family member – can’t help your beloved one and only see his/her sufferings. By the way do these professional coaches offer their help online as well or only facet o face? What education is needed to apply for this course?

    • Hi Agnes,
      I agree, there is so much suffering with the family when they are helpless and all they can do is watch as their family stuggle.
      to answer your question, yes, the coaches training is offered online and they also offer online training.

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