Beat alcohol and addiction

Alcohol and major addiction has been this century’s greatest challenges which has been referred to as the “sacred disease of our time”.

The traditional psychology cannot seem to help in the treatment and long term recovery.

Is it ever too late for recovery

Recovery is not easy by any standards. Based on all the studies, the brain forms memories that it never forgets even after stopping to use alcohol and drugs. The longer the use the more firm the memory and this is normally where most people give up knowing just how impossible the process look.

According to one of the leading book on addiction, we cannot simply apply the right step by step or a given remedy. Understanding the addiction however is the first step to dealing with addiction for a healthy life. Most people recommend that you have to hit rock bottom to make any change. That in my experience has proved wrong as it not only make it harder to make the decision at rock bottom, but also so many people have been able to start the recovery way early in addiction.

After watching my brother stay in addiction for over 35 years from the time he was a teenager, I gave up every hope. My family did too, probably except my mother who kept the hope for recovery. From firsthand experience, all I can say is it’s never too late to start the recovery journey.

Less obvious or tragic addictions

Are addictions only limited to alcohol and drugs. If we understand these less obvious and less tragic addictions, can we get an in sight to understanding how to beat alcohol and addiction, the more obvious and tragic ones. All humans, if we are honest, have an individual less harmful addictions or more justifiable addictions like work, responsibility, being liked, or even helping others. What’s even more informative is that even with these subtle addictions, we did not choose these items of addictions. These were indeed cravings and desires that we have little or no control over. These are things that are never enough, we want more and more of with a need that cannot be satisfied. In most cases, we justify that these are not harmful to anyone or ourselves like alcoholics or drug addicts, but this is no different from the functioning alcoholics justifying that they are at least not junkies. With this understanding of ourselves, at least it should shed some light that we do not have the will power to run our lives alone. There seems to be a good argument that we need spiritual knowledge to understand how this helps when the willpower runs out.

Addiction and Idolatry

Having being a christian all my adult life, I believe in the free will. I also understand the relationship between addiction and freedom. Addiction in itself takes up all the energy from the user. It takes away the focus from family friends and in it’s extreme everything else except the object of addiction. Addiction then becomes our object of worship. The freedom for the user is fully comprised. If these compulsions are not of our own choosing and they drive us beyond our willpower and ability, then this understanding should bring us to our knees for anything that promises a release of the grip that they have over us.

Recovery is so simple, yet seems so impossible

To stop alcohol and addiction is so simple, it comes to just stop, don’t do it and keep on refusing to do it. It’s medically needed to go through qualified supervision to stop consuming strong drugs and alcohol, but on top of that, it all comes to not overthinking it, embrace grace, not applying any intellectual discourse but just simply commit to what is right in front of us and say no, and next time say no.

When my brother went for treatment after avoiding it over 3 and half decades, his first comment after he came out was, I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier, it was so simple. Most people talk themselves out of any attempt to get help for fear of how difficult they have heard it is.

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