Natural recovery for addiction: most effective option

According to the CDC, about 114 people die a day because of drugs and 6,748 will be sent to hospital emergency rooms for treatment. In any society, we don’t need to know these statistics as we see the impact of addiction all around see.

Whether its in our families, friend’s workmates or neighbors, we are all impacted in some way by addiction.

Addiction treatment access in US

A survey by SAMHSA found that up to 90 percent of people who need to get treatment to recover from addiction do not have access to any form of treatment. This is disturbing as addiction has serious health consequences including death and also great effects on the family or people around the addict.

There are several reasons that 90 % of people who need help are not getting the treatment they need in the leading economy in the world. These numbers are higher in other countries as addiction is a global health issues, but the reasons may be the same.

Why people don’t seek treatment.

Some of the reasons that people will avoid treatment or any motivation to seek help include lack of confidence in current rehab success rates, lack of clear understanding of addiction, high cost of rehab centers and in some cases other un diagnosed mental health issues.

To get help in a rehab requires that the person get a way from their daily routine and go to a treatment center for 30 to 90 days or longer for the inpatient. This is a difficult situation and in most cases an impossible position especially when you have a family and a job. Losing an income while paying the high price of recovery will obviously keep most people away.

The statistics for the rehabs shows that after a 5 year follow up, only a quarter of those that went to rehab did not have a relapse. This of course keep many people away as it looks like its money down the drain. This should not be a reason for anyone to shy away from getting treatment

Natural recovery: DIY

The recovery heroes who have kicked the habit without help are out there and their voices barely heard. Part of this is mainly because rehab and addiction treatment is a multi billion industry and this drowns the voices of these natural recovery heroes.

NIAAA Natural recovery is recovery that occurs without treatment or support groups (NIAAA, 2012. The article Natural recoverers kick addiction without help from the Havard Health journal highlight the success for the natural recovery.

Contingent on the nature of addiction and knowing the consequences of addiction, everyone should do everything within their power to stop substance use. There are alternative ways from rehab that anyone can use with great success.

Stigma in addiction stems mainly from the misunderstanding of addiction. Most of the stigma maybe at individual or social level where most people may lose their job if they seek time off to go for treatment.

Access to programs that can help in the privacy of one’s home should not be dismissed. This maybe be the best option for anyone with the above barriers to seeking help for the addiction. In the US, only 1 in 10 people with the need for addiction seek help.

Take action: There are options to rehab centers

A lot of success stories of people who have overcome addiction on their own exist. These stories are rarely heard of but they do exist.

There are many ways that one can start the steps towards recovery on their own without the rehab centers or the self-help groups like the AA.

Rehab centers is not the only option if the addict is not ready or don’t think it will work. There are rehab alternatives that will allow the recovery process to start without the costs or life readjustments that are required to get into rehab. These alternatives address the barriers to treatment.

There are online systems that have been shown to have great success rate for most people, but like everything else, you have to be serious and committed

There also books on additction recovery with a step by step guide from people who have already done it on their own.

Caution for going alone.

If the addiction is severe or there are Co-occuring mental health issues, like depression, bipolar or anxiety this will be difficult and may need some medical professional’s help.

Addiction to anxiety medication or tranquilizer may have very serious withdraw symptoms and it would be advisable to always seek medical help as the withdrawals could be fatal.

If you have any experience with natural recovery or you have comments, please leave them below.

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  1. I think another reason for not getting the help addicted people need is the denial they face. My ex partner who I still speak with semi regularly is in denial about his addiction. On one hand, he doesn’t want drugs in his system, and he speaks about it being an addiction, because he wants to not have it in his life, but on the other hand he doesn’t truly believe in it as an addiction, because he can go weeks without using if he is looking after his kid. Because he is so highly functional for that period of time, he is in denial about his addiction, but the moment his kid goes back to his mums, he seeks it out. It’s suh a challenge for him, one that I hope he can get through eventually, but I’m not sure how he will if he can’t admit to himself how much he’s struggling.

    • Denial is indeed the leading reason most people don’t seek help especialy when they have some functionality. In my experience, this is sometimes tied to the stigma that comes with addiction label and also the guilt where denial is a coping mechanism. Its also a leading sympom of addiction.

      Psychology today has a great article on denial.check it out.

  2. I feel that in the case of alcohol addiction, it is also harder for people to get the help they need.  When a person loses their driving privileges it is impossible for them to get to appointments let alone find a ride to their job daily.  Thank you for the insight on how to do it on your own.  This is super encouraging and I will forward your website to all I can to help! Great article. 


  3. Wow! I must say, if everyone can be right on point like you just did, then the world will surely be a better place.
    I am talking about what you said about the wasted efforts in seeking addiction treatement. You also mentioned the DIY, for sure to come out of addiction, we really have to do it ourselves. Again, those who have done it naturally are actually quiet and this is frustrating those seeking solutions. YThat is why I will always respect motivational speakers. We really can’t imagine the number of lives they save by just sharing their experience with others. But the industries like you said won’t let this happen because they are more focused on making bucks than saving lives.
    Great post you have here I must say.
    Keep up the good work.
    I have a community I will have to share this post with. This needs to reach millions out there truly.

  4. Thank you for this useful and germane topic raised in this post. I believe most addicts and reactions towards varies depending on their various levels of addiction. I had seen a college colleague who died from drug addiction and alcohol suffocation. I think the major reason mist demy themselves of treatment is to avoid stigmatization. Most addicts after rehabs think people would count them as mentally imbalance so, they prefer not to even seek help at all. Learning about this natural means to recover from addiction should be a thing that most should actually aquaint themselves with. It doesn’t have to reach the extremes before seeking help. 

  5. I do not believe the problem is the denial- Aperson knows very well what he is doing but he is stuck in a situation much stronger than his will powwer and he is not able to gwt out of it.
    The whole idea goes back to why he started the addiction- He had a problem that he could not handle; Therefore, he believe by drinking alchohol or any other addiction he will be able to forget his problem.
    I do believe this needs a very guided help with therapy in order for the person to locate what he was trying to forget and then to decide to let go the addiction.

  6. This is a very useful and relevant topic, worth talking to and discussing with someone. It provides information that the rehab center is not the only answer for people especially members of our family who were addicted to either drugs, alcohol or other form of addiction, because there is a natural way of treating patients with addiction problem. This means that rehabilitation center would be the last option for addiction treatment.
    I, for one is favor of this natural treatment and it was proven to be very effective in my personal experience, having a younger brother who was once addicted to drugs. And we never referred him to rehab center as was suggested by other people, instead we just consulted him to a psychiatrist and have close monitoring on his daily activities making sure that he can’t take chances of taking drugs and keep on talking to him so that at least he won’t feel the separation syndrome and anxiety. Good job for this interesting article.

  7. I’m so glad you are showing people other ways to seek help. This is such good information and could help many people. From what I hear, rehab is very costly and having other means of support is pretty awesome.
    I believe some of the issue with addicts facing their addictions is due from embarrassment.
    They don’t want the truth to come out, but little do they know, their loved ones already know they have the problem.
    I had a friend who died from alcoholism many years ago. I only wish he had reached out and gotten help.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    I noticed your ad in the sidebar about getting help from the privacy of home. I believe if more people knew about that option, they just might do it.

  8. Hi Zikora:

    First of all, your opening line is shocking and really grabbed my attention!

    What a shame it is in this wealthy and supposedly advanced country called the United States, that so many people who need help don’t get it because of cost and other factors.

    I have personal experience here. Although I have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, my late brother was. He spent the last 7 years of his life as a herion addict and his family, including me, didn’t know it until he entered recovery. However, by that time it was too late because he had already developed severe liver problems that would eventually kill him.

    Perhaps if he’d known there were options for him, he would be alive today.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Christopher, sorry to hear about your brother. I hope many people would be able to get timely help.

  9. Hi, I have read this article very carefully. It is a very worrying thing that 114 people die every day because of drugs and 6748 of them are sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. According to SAMHSA, 90% of Americans need treatment for recovery from drug addiction. Whatever the reason for such a large number of people being drug addicted, it is very dangerous, therefore, to recover from this situation, a natural recovery treatment must be done. Thank you very much for writing public awareness articles.

    • Hi Paul, the statistics are scary. The 90% is the people who need treatment but do not.

  10. I believe that denial is one of the most important things for fighting addiction is to have the company and support of the people around because in my opinion one of the scariest and worst enemy of the the person is their own demons, knowing that from having a cousin who was my best friend that had to go down this road and the fact that he made it by keeping himself busy and with the company of loved ones.

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