Addiction Rehap option: Sobriety Success.

Product: Sobriety Success: Live rehab
Price: $178.00
Where to get it: Sobriety Success Live Rehab
My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Success Method uses three main principles for recovery success at home. This include:

The BIO principle: This covers the biological principle. Working on sobriety requires you to work on the entire biological part of your life. Addiction affects all aspects of your physical health.

Psychological help: Mental health is a critical part of recovery. Taking care of your addiction will need you to take care of your whole brain too. This section address your mental health in recovery.

Social Support: Its almost impossible to recover without social support. When you are in addiction, most of the relationships have been severed. This portion teaches you to embrace social support systems for your recovery success.

Product Overview/Description

Succeed in this program, you will get the following:

#1. Addiction and Recovery Courses

These Courses are built to support your recovery from home.

Work at your own pace :

  • • 19 courses (+ more coming soon!)
  • • 120+ lectures with 8+ hours of live video!
  • • Printable certificates of completion

# 2. Monthly Mastermind

Each month we’re diving into specific addiction and recovery topics to help you accelerate your recovery process.

Miss a session? If you miss a session, the previous sessions will be available for you to catch up on anything you’ve missed!

# 3. Ask Live Rehab

The Platform allows you to answer any questions you have or that may come at anytime and get the answers as you need.

Critical Evaluation

Addiction treatment and recovery can be as complicated or easy as you make it. Though you can’t earn it with willpower alone, you need to want it.

This system will work if you are dedicated, committed and are SERIOUS about sobriety, health and recovery from home. All the tools will be provided but you will need to commit and follow through.

This recovery is like a real live rehab at the privacy of your home.

If you are ready to Start today: Act now, you recovery success can start right now.

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  1. Wow, I’m so glad I came across this article. My good friend is struggling with alcohol addiction and it’s so sad because he is so young, just 27 years old and already drinking nearly every day. He even lost a pretty good job because of drinking and I really want to help him, but don’t really know how, until I came across this live rehab program. I might buy this for his birthday and try to help him quit drinking. Is this rehab suitable for alcohol addiction?

    • Hi,all the best with your friend, he is lucky to have you. Yes the live rehab has a specific program for alcohol.

  2. I know of several good friends who could have used this program had it been available back then. It doesn’t take much before people can’t stop. They lose self-control, especially if it distorts their reality from pain. I like the opportunity that this program provides for addicts that need help to reenter society in a meaningful way.

    I highly support the designers of this program to help curb the continual abuse that has so many Americans tied to a life of misery.

  3. After reading your article I have benefited greatly.You disscuss in your article about Addiction Rehap option: Sobriety Success.You also said it’s success and support,Addiction and Recovery Courses, Monthly Mastermind,Ask Live Rehab,Critical Evaluation.I think your article is an informative article. Your article is helpful to all people. So, Thank you very much for sharing your  article. 

  4. Good review, this brings out clearly the truth about addiction and recovery. There are a lot of so call recovery drugs out there but the truth is, to recover from addiction, you don’t need drugs but exercises and you have covered that very successfully. Thank you very much for such an article. I will share this so it gets to more pple.

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow. That is a big problem with all kinds of addiction to Millenium Kids, unfortunately, for my youngest son too. At that time he didn’t have a father close to him but I wanted to help him very much. We choose recovery house in different city. He spend around 6 months, back home and after 6 months start going down to the bottom again. But… Jesus helped us… not any more any kind of body abuse… If something will happen I will definitely, use your recommendations.

  6. This sounds like a very good recovery program at a cheap price too which would be well worth it. I like how it helps with all aspects of addiction and not just quitting because there is always so much more to it.
    It’s very important to have the will to quit an addiction and to have a great support network around you. Thanks for sharing.

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