What’s really going on with the rising Vaping deaths

Over the last few days, we have seen a lot in the news about Vaping related Health Issues.

This is a major concern as Vaping has been in the News for quite a bit with the debates around health risks in vaping and the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Facts as reported on latest vaping Health issues

The latest headlines have been nothing but alarming.

We have seen reported deaths of mostly youth under 20 with vaping related complications.

As reported by Leana Sun on the Washigton Post, “Lung illness tied to vaping has killed 5 people as new case reports surge”

The Health officials went on to say that there are additional over 450 possible cases in treatment reported in 33 states.

Politics of Vaping

The timing of this health risks in vaping may seem unrelated but they are suspect at best.

Over the years, especially looking at the journey with tobacco and cigarette smoking industry.

We have seen the power play between the real beneficiaries of the industry and the victims.

We know that “Policy-making is a trade-off between saving lives and maintaining current income streams, and the simple fact is that where you stand on life versus profits determines where you stand on the ecig issue”.

Over the last few months, we have been bombarded with arguments from those for and against E cigarettes and the regulations proposed around the use of the products.

These gets complicated with the fact that some products are inaccessible in some states while accessible in others.

Of course this has produces the pop up of illegal shops, online sources and Do it Yourself products.

Should e cigarette be banned or have some restrictions?

Why do e cigarette bans and restrictions exist in the first place.

The Simple answer could be that this is to protect the smoking economy.

“For every 10,000 smokers who switch to vaping, 9,999 of them will be removed from the government’s supertax generator; from the government’s pensions and elderly healthcare early death savings bonanza;

from the pharmaceutical industry’s disease and drug sales gravy train; and from the cigarette trade’s addiction model and cash machine (which, by the way, is by far the smallest of all these revenue channels).

And therein lies the problem: there is obviously a very powerful machine in place to protect those revenues. We call it the Smoking Economy”.

It’s no secret that this smoking economy has created a money machine that benefits a lot of people across industries.

The economy is worth more than a trillion dollars a year. Clearly a license to print money.

This is a highly powerful economy with the full ability to protect itself.

Anything that comes close to eliminate smoking will be swiftly blocked. It doesn’t hurt to ponder the question if this new and quick health risk is part of blocking the ecig product.

The ecig has been a promising escape from tobacco smoking and has been seemingly successful in replacing the industry with the youth leaning towards the promise of the ecig.

The argument for politic in e cigarette is that this is a major public crime.

There should be an exposure of the political processes in which the government, the pharma and cigarette industries protect their incomes at the expense of fatal public health.

The Industries achieve this by preventing access to what is perceived as low-risk consumer products, and the should be exposed.

Should Vaping be stopped

The CDC and Food and Drug Administration issued a statement warning.

It Warned that “anyone who does use e-cigarette products should not buy these products off the street (e.g., e-cigarette products with THC or other cannabinoids)”.

They also warned that users should not modify the e-cigarette products or “add any substances to these products that are not intended by the manufacturer.”

This clearer indicates that the investigators are not blaming vaping entirely

They are thinking of the Do it Yourself modifications and also the pop up illegal shops and modifications.

Based on the talk on regulations and restriction to access in the news lately, this could be directly related. I find it hard to believe the timing.

So is Vaping the cause of these Heath Risks:

These warnings from the health professionals and the federal government have drawn a lot of criticism from the industry and some health groups for creating unnecessary alarms and also for being vague over the products in question.

The national health alert about the health risks is clearly a long way from understanding what exactly is making so many people sick.

According to Michael siegel, prof at Boston University, “People need to stop using these illicit THC products now — and it’s the CDC’s responsibility to say what we do know.”

This is not helping when the risk is too high to rely on guess work. If your teen is Vaping, this is alarming as you clearly understand what the consequences are.

The main source of the vaping cheap or affordable products is mostly over the internet.

The fact that Vaping is still new and there is a lot of experimentation is not helping.

What do Vapers do now given the alarming Health Risks

Without clear knowledge of what is causing this health risks, federal and state officials have urged the millions of Americans who use e-cigarettes to stop vaping until the cause of the illnesses is identified.

They have recommended that people should quit for now and contact their doctors for “alternatives, such as patches or nicotine gums”.

Based on the information provided, there is a case for the lack of information but there is also a clear Health risk directly related to vaping deaths for people in all ages.

If you are underage, avoid vaping as this will harm you and your development. See articles on this here.

If you are legal, it looks to me that getting the right and safe products is prudent. It is not worth dying for.

If you have experience in vaping or have an opinion, please share it. Leave a comment below.





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  1. My feelings on vaping are somewhat mixed. I really believe that if someone is utilizing vaping to quit smoking, then I am all for it. I do believe that it is a much healthier alternative. However, I do feel that vaping is largely marketing to the very young. I disagree with this. If you are not already a smoker, why start now? I hear a lot that the younger generation starts vaping because of the colorful flavors offered… just go get you some sweets instead! ((:

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